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Want to sell your hotel

Do you have a hotel and want to sell?

We have investors for your properties! Also for hotel owners who want to sell to generate capital and stay at the hotel to manage and operate the hotel in the future. We are mainly looking for hotels from € 3 million in good places for tourism and locations in the city center. But also exclusive hotels around the world in attractive locations and with unusual concepts are interesting for our customers. Contact us, we are happy to help you!

Do you own a property or land in an excellent location?

Project developers among our clients are looking for constantly developed properties suitable in excellent natural, tourist and municipal locations for their hotel projects. We look forward to contacting you with your property. We gladly support you with mediation and accompany you with sales. Thanks for contacting us!

Do you have a hotel concept ready for conversion?

Do you have a piece of land and a hotel concept ready to open, perhaps already foreground and study? So, please contact us! We bring you solvent investors in contact and accompany you - if you wish - with the transaction and help with development.

What are the benefits of hotel consulting?

We are a family owned and operated business.

Whether we embark on a new business project or not, that is our main activity, it is always advisable to go hand in hand with specialists in that sector. In this sense, the hotel sector is no exception.

Having a hotel consultant at our side gives us the following advantages:

1. We minimize the risk

2. We gain credibility

3. We obtain immediate sectoral know-how

4. We identified the real estate ramifications of the operation

5. We save time and reduce expenses

1. We minimize the risk:

· A hotel project involves high investments, significant commitments to third parties and, ultimately, risk. Being accompanied by a recognized expert who has evaluated many projects similar to ours avoids making mistakes and saves us the usual learning curve. We minimize the risk to the maximum.

2. We gain in credibility:

· Being able to talk with a financial institution about types of hotel contracts, having the ability to discuss the necessary equipment in a hotel with operations managers of large hotel groups, negotiating fluently with the managers of expansion of the large chains the different contracts, are some of the advantages of having a renowned hotel consultancy specialist at our side. Our negotiating power increases and our project reflects more professionalism.

3. We obtain know-how immediate sector know-how:

· The tourism sector is cyclical. Knowing when we are in the cycle, knowing the latest trends at global and regional level, identifying the demand drivers for each zone and product, understanding well what are the financial parameters that govern whether an investment is profitable or not, are fundamental aspects.

4. We identified the real estate ramifications of the operation:

· The hotel industry is constituted by a hotel activity, superimposed on a real estate asset. It is convenient to know this duality intimately in order to make decisions that positively impact both the business that operates in the hotel and the underlying real estate that supports it.

5. We save time and reduce expenses:

· The business of the hotel is global. There are many brands and hotel groups. These, in turn, operate in various segments and categories across the world. Knowing in depth the main players that operate globally is essential, but very expensive in money and time. Only a hotel specialist who regularly participates in projects around the world has this network of contacts and knows which group and brand wants to enter a specific location at any time.

How are services for companies with specialized markets personalized?

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How do I know if Goliver is the right consulting company for me?

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